3 Lies That Every Cheater Will Tell You – Catch a Cheater Now Before it Becomes Too Late For You!

Cheaters think they are so smart, and will act as if their partner is stupid. But, do they really think they can fool you or I? Of course not! Which is exactly why you should have a good read of these lies that every cheater tells, so you can finally catch a cheater once and for all…

1). “I would never cheat on you” – This is the number one lie that people will believe, and it’s usually accompanied by something like “How could you say that? Don’t you know I love you, I would never do something like that to you!”…basically it makes you think they won’t cheat, and it also makes you feel guilty for even asking. It is a tricky lie that most people don’t catch, simply because you feel bad after your partner says something like this, but never take your trust for granted!

2). “I’m working late” – Everyday? Come on, who works late everyday without a pay increase! Isn’t this obvious enough? Try calling his/her work, and you will notice they won’t answer. Try calling your partner’s cell phone after work, and you will notice its off or conveniently not answered as well. Be smart here, no one loves work that much, that they will work later more and more often, without a pay raise. how to catch boyfriend cheating

3). “I love you” – This comes after a long while with no affection whatsoever from your partner. What will happen is that your partner will treat you like absolute crap for a long time, and even will stop having sex with you. Then, from nowhere, they will just suddenly be extremely affectionate! This is because they feel guilty for having cheated on you, and suddenly realize they want to be with you still. Take note as well, if your partner suddenly wants to try new things in bed, because that is also a huge sign that they are cheating on you.


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