Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Party at a Restaurant

A wedding party at a restaurant has many advantages over hiring a hall, caterers, arranging décor, entertainment and so forth. Firstly, the restaurant provides a ready-made venue that already has décor – yes, you can add flowers on the tables and other bits and pieces, but the main work is already done. They have a fully equipped kitchen, so you don’t have to worry about catering. A restaurant is also more private and intimate, and if chosen carefully, can give you a fabulous wedding party that you will always remember.

When you start looking at restaurants for your wedding party, there are a few tips that will help you select the perfect location.

1. Capacity
Your first consideration will be how many guests the restaurant can cater for. You don’t want everyone squashed into their seats like sardines, and you may want space for a dance floor as well. A restaurant does provide a more intimate setting for your wedding party, and can be hugely successful because everyone is in close proximity and interacting with each other.

2. Venue
Your choice of restaurant will depend on your personal taste and the type of wedding you are having. A more formal affair will work better in a restaurant with formal décor and all the trimmings in terms of table settings and so on. A themed restaurant could be the inspiration for a theme for your wedding, and provide instant décor that will transform your wedding party without adding too much onto your budget.

3. Food
Remember that you are catering for a variety of tastes – it may be your wedding, but you are not the only one eating! If you have a theme for your wedding party, the restaurant may be able to cater according to the theme. A nautical theme, for example, would suggest a seafood menu. The restaurant will be able to help in this area, and should have various options to suit your budget.

4. Entertainment
If there is space for a dance floor, you may want to bring someone in to play music, whether live or played by a DJ. You will need to check that there is sufficient space, and whether the restaurant has resident DJs or musicians that may be more affordable. meniu de nunta pret

5. Budget
Last but not least, you will have to consider your budget. Unfortunately these days, decisions often come down to whether you can afford it or not. Having your wedding party at a restaurant usually represents savings on décor, venue and catering. You don’t have to hire crockery and cutlery, or tables and chairs, which you might have had to if you were hiring a hall. Remember to include a good tip for the waitrons in your budget.

You can have a fabulous wedding party at a restaurant, but just as with any big event, you must plan well. If you are booking an entire restaurant, you will have to book well in advance. Remember to discuss beverage arrangements. You may want a bottle of wine on the table with a cash bar, or only wine and malt for your account, but the restaurant needs advance notice in order to have the appropriate stock on hand.

A wedding party at a restaurant can be a superb finale to a special day. When you make your choice of restaurant, look for the unusual, interesting and adventurous. It will make your party more memorable, and add to the atmosphere.


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