TEFL Courses in Spain & TEFL Jobs With TEFL Certification

There are a wide variety of TEFL course options available in Spain leading to TEFL jobs for those with TEFL certification. Spain has such a tremendous amount regional diversity that one is almost dealing with this country as a mini continent. The Costa’s – Spain’s huge coastline – differs greatly from the geographic nature of the big cities, which in turn differs greatly from the environment of the thousands of picturesque rural villages, which is again is different from the mountainous regions of Andorra or Granada. Dispirit locations and circumstances are united in a profound love of life. Hence it is very easy to get swept up in a seemingly constant round of festivals and fiestas, dancing and music – eating well and drinking well being all part of pursuing the good life in the best of all possible worlds. Few who have lived in Spain for a spell would disagree with the idea that, in terms of quality of life, Spain is a world leader. There is a high demand for English language skills in all walks of life generating a vast market of TEFL jobs for those with TEFL certification.

Spain is a big country with a varying climate in different locations to suit all tastes. The country is very hot in the south with temperatures getting into the 40s, cooler in the north, and snowbound in the Pyrenees. The official language is Spanish, though Catalan, Basque and Gallego are the official languages in the Autonomous states. The population is approximately 42 million, and while there is plenty of hustle and bustle in the larger cities the rural areas leave one with the idea that no one has been there for years.

TEFL jobs for those having completed a TEFL course in Spain are excellent. Teachers of English have long been sought after with language schools catering to the needs of high school and university students seeking to shore up the tuition they get at their main place of study. Spain has undergone a huge period of economic growth during the late 20th century, and continues to be Western Europe’s fastest-growing economy. The result of this is that more and more employers in Spain require that their prospective employees have good English skills. Business-specific academies have sprung up almost everywhere to meet the needs of multi-nationals seeking to improve the language skills of their employees. tefl course

The large cities of the south such as Seville, Cadiz and Granada offer an array of medieval and Moorish architecture – often together in the same building – along with flamenco dance and music. The Costa’s range from Benedorm, where you will find it difficult to escape the idea that England has somehow been transplanted into the Mediterranean, to the beautiful and un-spoilt Costa de la Luz – coast of light. There are also many amazing locations that fall somewhere in between. Barcelona, in Catalonia, prides itself on its cosmopolitan environment, and has fabulous architecture, not least by the cities most famous son Gaudi. Madrid has everything that you would expect of any European capital city: Art and architecture abound in an air of cool sophistication. In Galicia you are greeted by mountains and mile after mile of spectacular, haunting forest.

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