Surgical And Non-Surgical Fat Removal

When we talk of a surgical fat removal technique, liposuction is one and it requires time, money and energy for a complete procedure. Not many people opt for it given its features. Although for many years, this surgical procedure was known to be safe, effective and permanent method to remove the fat out of your body completely but now the non-surgical methods are more popular.


It is a surgical fat removal technique where the excess fat is removed from the body through a surgical procedure carefully through a hollow tube known as cannula. As the surgeon moves the cannula, suction is applied and hence all the body fat is accumulated and in turn removing them completely from the body.

Liposuction is still considered the best in removing the fats from the legs, back, abdomen, back, arms, face and neck. The results are dramatic and mind-blowing as compared to other non-invasive methods of fat reduction. The only drawback is that it has a long recovery period i.e. up to six weeks and it costs much more that the non-surgical methods.

Non-surgical methods

As there are inventions happening everywhere, for your body also new methods and techniques get developed every day. There are many methods of belly fat removal without surgery and these methods are more effective and less time consuming that the traditional surgical methods. These techniques do not require anaesthesia and is done very easily.

These non-surgical methods use different modalities to target and remove the excess fat from the body through a topical. There are many non-surgical methods of fat removal like Vanquish fat removal, cool sculpting etc.

Pros and Cons of surgical and non-surgical fat removal

Both of the techniques are effective and work different in their own arena. A few points of difference between them are: results

Liposuction is a very aggressive method of fat removal and it creates a trauma in the patient and the patient takes time to come out of that. Patients experience, numbness, soreness, pain, bruising etc. for almost 10 days after the surgery. The non-invasive technique like Vanquish fat removal is free from these pains and the patient remain fit and fine immediately after the procedure.

The results of liposuction are not visible immediately. In fact the real results are visible only after 6 months. The surgical technique takes a very long time to showcase its results and on the contrary, the non-surgical techniques show the results within no time. The results are visible within weeks following the procedure. Both the liposuction and the non-invasive fat removal technique are not the replacements for weight loss; the liposuction shows dramatic results and helps in getting the body shape originally.

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