SNS Dip Powder – From The Start To The End


SNS created dipping powders to give ladies wonderful AND solid nails. Today, we come out on top with the world’s best dipping powder items.

SNS Gelous Colors

The idea of dipping powders is basic. Rather than applying fluid tones to the nail, you apply a cement base which is dipped in the fine hued powder. The nail is then fixed with an exceptional top coat.

There are variously favorable advantages.

1)           HEALTHY

SNS bases are figured to manufacture the well-being and quality of the characteristic nail.

2)           MORE COLORS

With its dipping powders, SNS offers more than 400 Gelous tones—a more extensive territory than some other significant brand.

3)           ODORLESS

There’s practically no scent, and that is a colossal change in the salon climate.

4)           FAST

Drying is the moment—no UV light is required.

5)           FLEXIBLE and STRONG

The subsequent nail is both adaptable and solid, so it joins the best of acrylics and of gels,

6)           LASTING

The treated nails most recent 14 days or more, in actuality, everyday use!

7)           LIGHTWEIGHT

The nail feels light and normal, but it’s sufficiently able to use for those requesting areas.

8)           STAINLESS

The nail doesn’t recolor: that is a serious deal for hair colorists and other people who work with colors.

9)           GREAT NAIL ART

The SNS dipping powders open up a totally different universe of nail imaginativeness.

The SNS Dip Powder Applications Step-wise:

SNS Gelous Dipping Powders produce a mirror-smooth get done with no UV light, groundwork or fluid and no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.

Stage 1

Apply the Healthy Gelous Base

Stage 2

Dunk Each Nail in Powder

Stage 3

Apply the Durable Nail Top

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