October Top Dance/Electronic Albums

The New York City DJ duo, The Chainsmokers, have quickly rose to the top of the dance charts, with their latest record, Collage EP, reaching the top spot on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums list. The most popular track from the EP, “Closer,” has catapulted towards the most played song in several countries, giving them a strong hold on how the dance and EDM industry is being shaped.

Australian alternative electronic duo, Empire of the Sun, released their newest record, Two Vines, in October of this year. Recorded in Hawaii and Los Angeles, it features Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and members of David Bowie’s Blackstar Band. The record transports the listener to a beachy, carefree setting, with an overall dreamy vibe on each track. Aside from an occasional cliche lyric and overused beat, the album is easy listening and well executed.

FUTURE HOUSE, DJ Snake released Encore, the first studio album for the French electronic music producer. The record is clearly an ode to sweaty nights in the club and anyone for a strong urge to drop the beat. The record features a mixture of artists from Bipolar Sunshine, Skrillex, Jeremih, Migos and Justin Bieber, which gives the record more credibility towards a legitimate record, rather than tops hits in a molly club. It goes without saying that each song will be played on repeat in every club in the world, so if you’re looking for ways to turn up your party, this record is for you.

The 24-year-old Australian DJ/Producer, Flume, released his latest New Dance Albums record, Skin. He brings on notable artists to feature on several tracks, such as Vic Mensa, Raekwon, Beck, Vine Staples and AlunaGeorge. One of Flume’s strongest traits is his ability to work his instrumentals with several vocalists, creating a combination that works extremely well. Flume experiments with his ability to play with several sounds, such as the comparison to tracks “Lose It” and “Numb & Getting Colder,” two tracks that sit next to one another on the record but couldn’t be more opposite in terms of sound.

Earlier this year the Norweigian DJ, Kygo, released his debut album, Cloud Nine. It didn’t stem too far away from what he’s already shared, incorporating the same deep house, tropical beats. Kygo creates tracks with calming beats with a slow flowing pulse that could be used for a commute or a yoga class. Kygo sets himself uniquely amongst the rest of his electronic peers simply on the basis of his lack of aggressiveness. His intent isn’t for the molly dropper of the club, but to simply listen and enjoy it, a quality that still gives some hope in the character behind the electronic genre.

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