How to Cure Your Sleep Apnea Without CPAP, Because They Suck!

It’s possible to cure your sleep apnea without CPAP! In fact, there are many solutions that can help. CPAP is just one of them. But the main concern is do you know what are they – the alternative solutions for treating your sleep apnea without CPAP Masks. If that question describes you then let me share with you some of them.

1) Practicing mouth and throat exercises to improve your situation:

The main aim of this therapy is to strengthen the weak muscles inside your throat. They tend to collapse together while you sleep thus obstructing your airway. The 2 common exercises are singing therapy and blowing the Didgeridoo.

You should try practicing them everyday in 3 months to see significant results. The key is to be patient and be persistent.

2) Taking healthy meals and special kinds of foods:

Because they play an important role in improving your overall health condition and curing your obstructive sleep apnea.

Moreover, you will find them to be great allies when it comes to losing some extra pounds. As you know, weight loss is highly recommended for obese obstructive sleep apnea sufferers.

Some kinds of foods like walnut and yam are excellent choices!

3) Using nothing but herbs to tame the beast!

Believe it or not, herbal therapy is a great alternative you have.

The beauty of this one is it’s not a “painful” treatment. You use solely special kinds of herbs to gradually improve your sleep apnea condition. Herbs like vervain and its dry form are good for absorption. They will help you feel more relaxed and sleep better.

But for a proper use, you should consult advices from your doctor or herbal specialist.

4) Why not throw your CPAP away and try other devices?

Because your CPAP sucks doesn’t mean you surrender sleep apnea!

The above 3 therapies show you that statement is true. What about dental appliances and nostril devices? They are great to substitute that machine.

Although you might find them inconvenient at first (not as much as with your CPAP I believe) but in the long run they bring back better results! An interesting fact says that these devices have higher compliance rates than the CPAP’s.

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