Getting the Best Value With Paid Web Hosting

Free web hosting services can be very tempting to many of us, especially for newbies as it is really difficult to resist such offers where one does not need to pay anything to get his sites hosted by the free web hosting. Well, if you step back and think about it, have you ever wonder what really drives these free web hosting? We all know very well that there is no free lunch in this world, so what really drive these free web hosting services?

If you thought about this further, you will realize that if these no-charge hosting services are so great, then probably there is really no reason why paid web hosting needs to exist in the first place! No doubt that these web hosting provider offer their services for free, but apart from this, as a wise consumer, we need to seek for further clarifications in terms of: types of features offered, how much of bandwidth and disk space is allocated, types of security control in place, quality of customer support, frequency of down-time and many more.

Usually free web hosting don’t get to offer the latest advanced features or software to their clients, such as PHP, MYSQL databases or FTP Accounts, which are offered by most of the paid hosting providers.

Free web hosts made their own advertisement, and they need to capitalize their users’ websites to place these ads, banners, and links at. The free web host owns the “control” over your website in this case as you don’t have the rights to stop these ads and banners getting all over your website in the first place. While for the case of a paid web hosting, this will never happen. In a paid plan, you would place as many of your ads in the website as you love to, and no one has the right to place any of their ads or banners at your website without your approval and consensus.

With a charged hosting plan, the service satisfactory level is definitely much greater. With a paid plan, you can be assured for higher quality service, such as the volume of bandwidth and disk space offered will be higher, great customer service and technical support, greater security features to protect your sites, faster loading time and accurate e-commerce online shopping cart to facilitate your online sales.

At the same time, paid web hosting is better in providing technical support which is of higher quality than free web hosting. They offer 24/7 support, toll free escalation contact number, online chat, email for escalation need. They are committed to provide a reliable, quality and affordable web hosting services for all their existing as well as potential customers. Furthermore, those servers which are used by the free web host are usually not reliable as they used to be over-crowded with lots of unexpected downtime.

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