Aging Skincare Secrets – Begin Rating Skincare Products and Retain Young-Looking, Glowing Skin

For those of you like me who watch late-night TV, you probably have been bombarded with infomercials that promote various anti aging skincare products. Since there are literally hundreds of these products on the market, it is no wonder that we are confused about which product is truly beneficial for our skin. Several of these formulas are manufactured for medical doctors and contain many of the latest cosmeceuticals on the market today. Other products are touted as being able to help reduce facial lines and wrinkles, improve the texture of our skin, and even give our skin an instant “face lift”.

While some of these products are beneficial for our skin, a good percentage of them also contain synthetic preservatives and fragrances. These chemical substances have been shown to cause allergic reactions in some people, while other ingredients found in these products may cause other serious health problems.

One natural compound that has been added to anti aging skin care formulas is beta glucan. This nutrient is sold in health food stores in capsule form. It has been shown in scientific studies to be an effective immune stimulant. Because of the  broad spectrum cbd oil  significant increases in cancer and other immune related diseases that we see these days, research scientists are studying several compounds in order to find better ways to naturally stimulate immune system functioning, thus helping to ward off disease.

Nutritionists and naturopathic physicians have long maintained the importance of eating grains such as barley and oats as these foods contain beta glucan in their cell walls. Interestingly enough, an important medicinal mushroom called Maiitake also contains beta glucan and has been used to treat cancer. This natural substance, beta glucan, has also been shown to increase T cell count and has helped increase the lifespan of some cancer patients.

While the benefits of beta glucan for some forms of cancer have been established, there has been a lot of debate among skincare researchers about the efficacy of beta glucan in the treatment of aging skin since this compound contains a large molecule. In order for any skin care formula to be effective, it must be able to penetrate through the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and pass into the dermis (second layer of skin). The dermis layer of our skin is very important because that is where our collagen fibers are located. As we age, these collagen fibers decrease in number thus causing our skin to wrinkle. One scientific study has shown that beta glucan can penetrate into the second layer of our skin and thereby help diminish the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it has been shown to help increase the firmness of our skin.

This nutrient is not only beneficial because of its cosmetic enhancement benefits but also because it is free of side effects. When compared to the alpha hydroxy skincare formulas, beta glucan does not cause any skin irritation or redness. Some skin care formulas that contain alpha hydroxy acids will also contain beta glucan and aloe vera since they help neutralize the irritating effects of the alpha hydroxys. Alpha hydroxy skincare formulas are beneficial for aging skin since they help remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. But it should be noted that formulas that contain a higher percentage of these acids will cause more severe skin irritation and redness than milder formulas.


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