5 Flyer Printing Design Tips

Without the perfect design for your flyers, flyer printing may waste precious marketing dollars. Follow these quick and easy 5 flyer printing design tips to ensure your flyers receive a positive response and not a negative one. Remember – your flyers speak for you when you can’t be there!

1. It may sound odd, but the software you use for your flyers is important. Many people will blindly advocate the use of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop just because they have the company name behind them. In actual fact, GIMP and InkScape are two open source projects that have produced excellent Photoshop and illustrator alternatives that are actually better. They combine everything that is great about these top two programs as well as the benefits of alternative software and even some brand new ideas thrown in so that you really do have the best of everything. Another key thing to note about why using open source software is important as part of the 5 flyer printing design tips, is that they are 100% free. This means no licensing costs, no purchase price and no restrictions and this therefore saves you money for your business. You really do get a superior product absolutely free. If you do choose to go with Adobe for your business, don’t forget to buy the relevant software package and business license or your business could end up in serious trouble.

2. The next tip out of the 5 flyer printing design tips is to keep things simple and efficient. Elaborate designs, busy imagery and crowded content may look great but you need readers to take one look at your flyer and know exactly what it’s all about. Keep the design simple and sweet and ensure the reader can easily see what it’s about. You need to be able to get the message across to everyone, including those people who take the flyer and put it in the bin later on.

3. Double check your content before sending the design off for flyer printing. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and other content errors can stick out like a sore thumb. If a potential customer reads a flyer with an error in it, all they will see is the error and not what the flyer is about. It can also have the negative effect of reflecting poorly on the competency of your business. free flyers

4. Make sure you check with the flyer printing company how much bleed they need. Bleed is essential for ensuring print jobs don’t come back with part of the flyer cut off leaving a white gap or missing text. Make sure you have enough bleed around the design of your flyer to avoid this.

5. Make sure your design accurately communicates to the right audience. If you are targeting parents with young children it’s no good designing flyers that appeal to the elderly, if you are targeting Teenagers, make sure the flyer will appeal to them. The design has to reflect the audience you are targeting with your flyer printing in order to be successful.


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